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    Method for in-situ recovery of energy raw material by the introduction of a water/oxygen slurry US Patent 5,027,896 High Infringement Likelihood cited 163 times other patents / www.uspto.gov ! Injected Liquid Oxygen Brochures / Improve oil gas recovery ! Shale Gas Len Andersen recently had petroleum engineering discussions about fields in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , Mexico , and Shale gas using injected liquid oxygen / water liquid oxygen technology ! Looking for such work. weld@spemail.org http://www.spe.org

    Liquid Oxygen Injection Uses (More Oil Production)
    Improved Oil Recovery / Enhanced Oil Recovery. This oil production / gas production benefit is achieved by a localized pressurization of the petroleum formation with many small detonations like with an automobile engine releasing energy and heat with steam etc formation occurring etc.
    Heavy Oil Recovery / Bitumen Extra Heavy Oil Recovery
    Channeling control in waterflooding / Thief Zone - Contour Profile Control
    Formation Fracturing - Stimulation
    Reservoir Definition - Like a Gas Station Sign To Seismic
    Improved Oil Production - Move The Oil in The Formation to The Well
    Tight Natural Gas Recovery
    Reservoir Characterization - Finds the Fractures etc In Formations
    Injected Liquid Oxygen Services / Len Andersen SPE +29 years!
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