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Injected Liquid Oxygen Services-Petroleum Services 
Focused On Injecting Liquid Oxygen and/or Water-Liquid Oxygen 
Mixtures for more crude oil / natural gas production and arc welding and engineering
Injected Liquid Oxygen
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    2. What conditions has it been applied?
    What I have heard is depth to 11,000 feet, lithology highly fractured limestone, consolidated sandstone and limestone combination.
    The benefits:
    • contour profile control in flooding
    • reservoir definition
    • fracturing
    • moving petroleum within a formation to produce it
    • insitually upgrading oil
    • heavy oil recovery.
    3. What results were gained?
    What I have heard is A lot of money made!
    A number of people injured and killed . I believe this was mostly in the 1980's and associated with trying to take shows in an exploratory well to a producing well with liquid oxygen fracturing.
    4. Technical/Economical success?
    What I heard is many in both aspects.
    What is the process you imply with the liquid oxygen use? Stimulation or Flooding?
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