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Ask Len! Leonard Andersen - Injected Liquid Oxygen Services
Injected Liquid Oxygen Services-Petroleum Services 
Focused On Injecting Liquid Oxygen and/or Water-Liquid Oxygen 
Mixtures for more crude oil / natural gas production and arc welding and engineering
Injected Liquid Oxygen
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    Published Works - Welding Journal - one and Society of Petroleum Engineers two 30994 &, Patents

    Patent 8,671,696 "Method and apparatus for increasing thrust or other useful energy output of a device with a rotating element" Gas Turbine Patent Water Swirled into Hot End More Thrust. Heard Combined Cycle electrical generation + 12 % gas / +14 % liquid fuel ( fuel energy in electricity out ) ! Gas Turbine Thrust Fuel Efficiency Enhancement System Water (Volatile) Introduction Arrangement Method and Means 9,376,933 and one provisional application 30 December !

    Lubricating/sealing oil-based composition and method of manufacture thereof - 6,358,891

    Method for in-situ recovery of energy raw material by the introduction of a water/oxygen slurry - 5,027,896

    Coated electrode for arc welding - 4,804,818

    Electrode for arc welding and method for underwater welding - 4,568,813

    Method for in-situ recovery of energy raw materials by the introduction of cryogenic liquid containing oxygen - 4,495,993

    and two others

    Non-Professional Experience
  • carpenter heavy construction +10 years prior to 2000 and continued in the Union for input on engineering work from union members,
  • Conductor Subway New York City Transit Authority - life long interest in railroading
  • New York City Licensed Taxi Driver prior to 2000
    Independent Research
  • Did research on a new motor oil based on fluoro carbon metal polymer. This included chemical process development, field test, analysis of data, and patent preparation. This new motor oil according to test acts to restore a motor performance i.e. oil consumption reduced from one quart per 700 miles to one quart per 2000 miles. The field test indicated it allowed for combined cycle ( internal combustion â�� steam engine ) operation on a continuous basis cutting fuel consumption per power unit produced by 10 percent.
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    Leonard M. Andersen PO BOX 1529
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